About Us

Simply put, we love what we do. We genuinely enjoy making websites for people. We have a good time doing it and we always learn something new. And with over 25 years combined web experience, we've learned a lot! And that's why we started Hulaweb—to share our passion and knowledge with our growing base of customers.

We want you to know that, as a customer, you are extremely important to us. We'll answer all your questions and make sure you're comfortable with what we're doing for you.

Read about two of the folks who will handle your project:

Abigail - Owner

With a passion for all things creative, Abigail does the bulk of our graphic design. She also has over 20 years of web development and design experience in a wide range of technologies. This mix has served her and her customers well, combining a solid background for technical flexibility and a flair for site design and usability—key traits in the world of the web!

Abigail got her start in the corporate world as a self-taught web engineer where she honed her web skills and gained heavy experience working with a wide array of website customers. There, she sharpened her ability to work with a basic idea and turn it into something much grander. She learned that she really loved connecting with customers and bringing their projects to life. Before long, she went freelance and ultimately founded Hulaweb.

In her web travels, Abigail has worked with tons of web technologies and platforms and is ready to help make your project happen!

Max - Web Developer

Max brings over 25 years of web development experience to every project he works on.

A computer geek from the beginning, Max got started in web technologies as an undergraduate in Computer Engineering at the University of Michigan. There, he worked for the university installing networks and learning the backbones of the internet.

As a software engineer, Max went on to work for big name companies such as Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Bank One, Zurich Insurance and Sloan Valve Company.

Max specializes in optimizing websites for performance, monetization and search engine compatibility. Handling much of the backend server support, he rounds out Hulaweb's expertise to cover all aspects of site design, development, marketing, deployment and technical support.